Gala dinners



Mr Michael Darcy senior manager war and terrorism division at CHEDID RE gave a presentation on POLITICAL VIOLENCE INSURANCE. He was followed by LLOYDS Lebanon agent Captain Jamil Sayegh, Roger Sayegh and Christine sayegh who presented on Marine Cargo Clauses.

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The choices we make today will determine our Future

Introducing Expacare as one of the world's longest established international health Providers along with the wide range of benefits to individual & groups, a dedicated support around the clock & around the globe

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The First Insurance Comparator for Insurance Professionals

The conference focused on giving a live demo of an Insurance Comparator, a first web application that allows Insurance Brokers to compare insurance quotations and tables of benefits across the Lebanese insurance market.

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Are You Well Insured

To provide more insights about Trade Credit Insurance and comprehensive range of risk management products that protect your business and help you grow profitability.

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Stem Cells

The future of stem cells and public banking, a trend that is catching on globally due to the several diseases stem cells can cure. The conference focused on the most recent scientific findings in the area of Personalized and Regenerative Medicine.

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