LIBS Workshop 2019-2021

LIBS newly elected Board 2019-2021 held a full day workshop on the 18th September 2019 at Le Telegraphe de Bellevue. The purpose of the workshop was to set in motion the implementation of the plan that was set out in the electoral campaign of the board. Presentations were made by the President Cyril Azar, the General Secretary Talal Ounsi, the Secretary of Public Relations Sylvia Hajj, The Secretary of Media, Publishing and documentation Elias Farah and The Secretary of Professional Affairs Elia Haddad. Discussions and brain storming sessions followed the presentations, along with a legal perspective and Q&A session with LIBS Lawyer Elie Hachache. Committees were formed, decisions were taken and the workshop was brought to a close by President Cyril Azar with a clear action plan for the coming 2 years.