The Lebanese Insurance Brokers Syndicate-LIBS is Lebanon’s ultimate organization representing the interests of the insurance brokers, intermediaries and their customers.

Since its establishment in 1993, LIBS has been a driving force behind change in the Lebanese insurance broking profession as well as the insurance sector as a whole. Our membership includes around 165 licensed members; companies and qualified individual practicing throughout Lebanon. We attract insurance brokers who aspire the safeguard of the insurance brokerage profession and aim at their cohesion.

LIBS, an independent non-profit organization, is the voice of the insurance brokers continuously advising its members, coordinating with regulatory bodies, following up with consumers and other involved parties on key insurance issues.

Together with our members,

  • We work towards bringing a standard of excellence to the insurance broking industry in Lebanon.
  • We advocate the protection of our individual brokers by reviewing legislation and by working towards defining industry standards.
  • We act as a link between all brokerage companies promoting independent and professional insurance brokerage and bringing the Lebanese Intermediary Insurance to greater heights.


We represent you and your profession in all aspects. LIBS is your voice…and it’s a voice that grows stronger with every new member.


Our mission is to develop and safeguard the broker’s profession and
to promote LIBS as the sole bridge between all sector partners.